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PostSubject: WRAITHS OF WRATH   Fri Feb 13, 2009 5:00 am

Ok guys we got a good opritunity here. these guys stole the city we wanted but oh well. we could get a city with them soon. they have a good plan and they are good people. However we have one test to fullfill before we can be Fully with them. we must take a oblivion or mael mine. thats gonna be tuff but its possible. we just need bashers and healers and such i have some bashers and a good healer i also have claimers and burners. but we all need to show for mines. i understand school and work etc. but in order to stick with these guys we gotta do it. im sure if we try and try they will let us in anyway. but we need alot of guys to show. so lets set a date! its gotta be 10pm central time cause thats when their mines are open. but i was thinking lets just get together every night you can and attempt eventually we will have enough troops to take it. Thanks guys and gals:) cherry
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