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 Ranger template

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Number of posts : 220
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PostSubject: Ranger template   Sat Jan 03, 2009 2:16 am

OK since were posting templates here's my newest little creation. i wanted to go with something different so i made a cross-class ranger. its half ranger half assassin. its pretty cool so far but havent had the time to get it to R7 stat. Btw i mihgt be a lil off on some numbers and this toon is not finished so...

DeathsGrasp - Elf Rouge Ranger

Take 5 points out of everything
Take in this order
Scion of Gwaridorn 5/10 con + health regen
Warlords Page +10con
Tough As Nails 200 health +health regen
Agile +5 dex u lost from warlords page

You have to make 85 con in order to take con runes in game, so that is most important, u can change what i took but i wanted health regen.

Stats: (unbuffed)
Dex- 180

ingame take
+40 dex
+30 con
Black Mask (Mainly Backstab but passwall can be used too)
Undead Hunter (Weapon Proc)
Blade Weaver (just for BW swords)

Light Armor- 100
Dodge- Gold (lifesaver, dont take damage if they dont hit you)
Beastcraft- Gold ( u can stop at 118 if u want to save points, but u need to get it to at least there for Transformation)
Blade weaving- as many points as u can spare
Brallia's Zeal- Gm (Dmg buff and atk speed buff)
Brallia's Power- 1 (just enough to use, +20 dex/str)
Wolf's Vigor- 1 (staming recovery buff, u have Alot of stam, so u wont need it much, but it helps on downtime)
Turn Steel- 10 (gives a small def rating buff and an extra +5 resist to melee)
Mend Wounds- GM (heal!)
Herb Lore- (free 150% health recovery buff,Very important, keep it on at all times!)
Grasp of thorns- 10 (mostly use for snare, druids do it better and the medium int means it doesnt do a whole lot of damage)
Wolfskin- 20 (this is your transformation spell, If u can find the points Gm this, but i havent got there yet, best used when health is low and u know u can take someone/something.)
Sneak-Gm (stealth)
Backstab-20 (i hit for 600 each hand w/ normal backstab, u still get poisons but havent found them usefull yet)
Consecrate Weapon-20 (Undead hunter holy proc, extremly usefull)

Ranger light armor
2X peerless demageils
Windlords light armor boots
10/10 dex +30% health necklace
12 dex ring +30% health regen
12con ring +30% heath regen

This is a melee toon, is has so far been effective.This is a very versitile toon. if something can hit me alot of times i can out heal it. in precise stance i have a 1900 atr, a 1200 def, and im only 53. I can hit just as fast as daggers, backstab, have free track, and heal. the low heath hurts but the buffs do help. i mostly use heath regen jewelery and ranger light armor. u can sub for stam regen if u prefer but i dont normally have a problem w that, i prefer the about 250%health regen.
for the forth disk u can take whatever u like. Ill probably take a seige disk like sabatour.
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Number of posts : 151
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Age : 37
Location : austin, arkansas

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PostSubject: Re: Ranger template   Thu Feb 05, 2009 4:59 am

since this is an hp regen toon might aswell take gladiator for the free hp regen buff that also removes bleeds. looks pretty solid though
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PostSubject: Re: Ranger template   Fri Feb 06, 2009 7:09 am

nice of you to put this in the template section you BBB geek
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Number of posts : 220
Points : 373
Registration date : 2009-01-03
Age : 34
Location : Illinois

Character sheet
GA Rolled:
2/2  (2/2)

PostSubject: Re: Ranger template   Sat Feb 07, 2009 1:44 am

Sorry rot, posted this before we had a temp section. ill repost with my update soon, changed a few things and now higher than when i wrote this
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PostSubject: Re: Ranger template   

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Ranger template
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