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 Templates For Toons

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PostSubject: Templates For Toons   Wed Dec 31, 2008 2:43 am

PLEASE INSERT TEMPLATES!!!!!!!!!!! affraid Thanks guys ...... and gals geek
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PostSubject: Nightstalker   Wed Dec 31, 2008 7:39 am

Thought I'd throw this on the boards since I'm sitting here bored at work... Be kind, it's my first 'stalker.

Rhueker - Nightstalker

Starting runes:
Lightning reflexes
Taught by master thief
Sold to the pits

In-Game runes:
Legendary Dex (+35)
Sun Dancer
Huntsman (for track and pet)
Blackmask (for passwall and backstab)
Traveller at 70

Final stats:
Str: 35
Dex: 185
Con: 85
Int: 103
Spi; 15

Current breakdown of powers at lvl 68:
Fling Holy Water: 40
Stalker's Fury: 40 (Att speed buff)
Blessing of Daylight: 40 (Def/unholy buff)
Annoint Blade: 40 (Proc)
Litany of Discretion: 14 (Dmg debuff, 14 to open LoC)
Put to the Torch: 40 (Holy DoT)
Stalker's Resilience: 1 (HoT)
Litany of Caution: 40 (AoE Dmg debuff)

Huntsman's pet: 20
Blackmask backstab: 20

(Disclaimer: I'm at work and don't remember the exact breakdown here)

Unarmed: 150%
Light Armor: 100%
Exorcism: 130% (160% w/ equipment)
Unarmed Mastery: 50%
Dodge: 60%

Still looking for good equipment, but with what I have right now (and conc'd/self buffed):

Off Stance:
Atr: 1800
Def: 1200

Def Stance:
Atr: 1400
Def: 1750

Jewelry: +int/+exorcism and +dex/+exorcism rings, +dex/+int neck
Weapons: legendary of butcher graces, would like to get legendary of proc (frykka?) graces

Some thoughts and personal criticisms:

I wanted to spike unarmed and exorcism to get the most out of proc'd graces.

Two things people will say about this template, your con and dodge or too low. I know. I also don't care. I'd rather pump the int and dex in this template than worry about con. Plus, I always run around conc'd and stam has never been a real problem.
There are ways to get around passive defenses, so I don't lose too much sleep over the dodge.

Another thing missing is a snare, which would've been handled by bounty hunter if I had gotten my hands on one.

Nightstalker procs are nice. PvE, I get 300-500 dmg with them. I haven't PvP'd enough with this to get an idea what the damage would be. The timer on the proc allows me to run around with both weapons enchanted at all times (as opposed to the UH proc).

The HoT heals about 130 points a tick with a single point in it.

The huntsman pet and aoe dmg debuff are trained to make this character useful in gvg/bane situations. Of course, I didn't have them trained at the bane on Rage Embarassed
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PostSubject: Re: Templates For Toons   Sun Jan 04, 2009 1:46 am

This is a good build, i have one identical to it, just one thing. it seems like a waste but u need to do the drain block. ive bit the dust due to doomie's and other drainers just for this fact
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PostSubject: Re: Templates For Toons   

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Templates For Toons
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