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 Crafting items

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PostSubject: Crafting items   Fri Jan 09, 2009 1:23 pm

Is there a crafting guide online anywhere? Does the guild have members who are crafting experts? I figured it would be more appropriate to create a crafting post, rather than drag it out in my other post about greatswords and equipment.

My previous post:

wheatonrunner69 wrote:
Alright so I've been on the Morloch Wiki looking at resource costs:

There are normal prefix/suffix's for items and there are high lvl prefix/suffix for items as well. Are the high level items harder to make, or do they just require a lot more material? and do the prefix/suffix stats stack?

so if I was to have the following sword made would all the attack speed reduction stack? or do the prefix/suffix weapon modifications not stack?

A peerless greatsword of Dispatch:
Peerless +165 atr -17% weapon speed
of Dispatch -22% weapon speed

and if I was to take a potion of attack speed, would that also stack with the weapon?

Also is there a training requirement for crafted items? Does it depend on the prefix/suffix combination? or am I ok with about 105% training?

New to crafting.
Thanks for the help,
- WheatonRunner69

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Crafting items
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